Falling in Love with San Francisco

What if I told you, I changed the venue six months prior to my wedding date?


Well, that is exactly what happened.

My requirements were – my wedding dress and some nice pictures. My fiance, at the time, was adamant about the location. We weighed the pros and cons of her two choices – New York or San Francisco. Both, pivotal cities which have been the setting for monumental change as it concerns the LGBT community. After heavy late-night searches online, we decided to book a flight to California first.  Well, that was a mistake.

We absolutely fell in love with San Francisco City Hall.


Educated in the city’s rich history while visiting, the wedding coordinator at City Hall informed us that in 1997, San Francisco was the first city to draft and accept a law that prohibited discrimination against same-sex marriage, or the San Francisco Equal Benefits Ordinance.

After the extensive walk through this absolutely breathtaking place, we had made up our mind. San Francisco is where we would commit to a lifetime of togetherness.

Picture credit:   Red Eye Collection 

If you are anyone you know are getting married, I highly suggest the simplicity of having your wedding at San Francisco City Hall. Every single person we encountered were friendly and understanding. I highly recommend contacting the Events Coordinator, Mariebelle Hansen, she answered all of my “what if” questions at random times of the day via email. She put my mind at ease and did not try to oversell on services offered.

The total cost of our wedding only $193.


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