Melanin in Mexico

In the middle of October, during the downward spiral of the pandemic (prayerfully), a group of business partners turned friends decided to pack some bags and head to Mexico.

We ended up at an Airbnb in the city of Akumal. A small, beachfront lined area, an hour and a half south of Cancun and thirty minutes north of Tulum.

For a few days, our home was here at Villa Mia.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by June the private chef with frozen margaritas and a freshly prepared fruit spread.



I meditated each morning with the Caribbean Sea within inches of my feet and drank my Celery juice while watching the sun’s reflection take over anything within its reach.


Here’s a few tips:

Akumal is absolutely gorgeous. But, keep in mind you are thirty minutes from any tourist locations or even grocery stores. If there are any local farmer’s markets or convenient stores closer, we just could not find them.

Rent a car. Taxis are expensive. Uber is illegal in Mexico . . . long sigh, that is a detailed story for another post.

When it comes to dining out. I suggest to not go to restaurants that seem popular or heavily crowded upon arrival. We tried three seemingly popular spots, that shall remain anonymous, none worth the money.

Save your coins, preserve your taste buds, and ask the locals where to eat.

Not until the last day did we stumble upon Ziggy’s Beach Club.

All I am going to say is . . . O.M.G.

By the time we found out about Ziggy’s, my stomach had enough of me trying different things.

I needed something refreshing.

I needed something pleasing.

This Antioxidant has to be the most satisfying smoothie I have ever had in my life. No, seriously, I ordered two!

Still hesitant to order a full meal, I nibbled from my friend’s plates until I was threatened not to lift my fork again in either direction. LOL.

I ended up ordering the garlic shrimp plate.

This was the first time I tasted anything with seasoning since leaving Texas.

So good!



With full bellies, we gave a little Melanin Mexico intro around Ziggy’s.

Oh, bathroom selfies in the middle of the jungle are a necessity for your photo album.


When traveling abroad, I say your biggest resource for all things would be the locals.

The taxi drivers are the most valuable guides. They will lead you to their favorite spots.  Ziggy’s was so quiet and welcoming.

As for Akumal, I could definitely do a repeat of it’s simplistic beauty and calm.






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